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          Family names are more varied than personal names, having been culled from more diverse sources, having undergone more changes of form, and having come from many more different languages. With regard to the surname Kreer this name would appear to be an anglicized form of the German surname Kreher. Of surnames in Germany it has been said that family names did not come into general employ until late in the Middle Ages. First of all, the nobility in the twelfth century called themthelves after their ancestral seats. Such surnames were usually prefixed by "von". Then, among the citizens they were adopted in the fourteenth century, but did not become general until the sixteenth century.

          The German surname Kreher/Kreer is of local and nickname origin. Locative surnames are those names which derive their origin from a particular feature either man made or natural near which the original bearer lived or held land. In this instance, the surname Kreher meaning "crow" indicates that maybe the initial bearer of the name lived by the sign of the crow. Nickname surnames are those names which derive their origin from physical characteristics or personal attribute of the initial bearer. In this instance, the surname meaning "crow", indicates that maybe the initial bearer was one who screeched or squawked like a crow.

         References to the surname Kreer include one named Kraier who lived by Bregenz in 1340. Also there is the reference to one Chixo dictus (called) Kra and one Chixo dictus (called) Kreia in 1261. Variants of the name Kreer include Kreher, Kreier, Kreiger, Krayers, Kraier und Krahe.


 Argent, a crow sable, on a mound vert, wing raised in the dexter claw an orb azure garnished or with a cross of the same.


The crow is an example of the heraldic practice of canting, that is, it acts as a pun on the origin or meaning of the surname.


The crow as in the arms.



There is a relation between the name Kreer (written this way) and a small village in Germany named Kreershäuschen. This can be shown using statistics.



Kreer in Germany: based on the computerized telephone directory D-Info 1997 (Gemany).
Kreer in the United States: based on AOL Netfind as of 27 Mar 1998.

The idea was to create a chart that shows a correlation between the frequency of the name Kreer and the location of Kreershäuschen (a small village) which is locally seen as a source of the family name.
Since most people have a phone today, the statistic is almost representative.

Original Assumption: 
If a rare name shows up more often in a limited area than anywhere else, the source of the spreading is there.

The evaluation seems to concur with this assumption and shows also the decrease of the frequency in correlation with the distance from the source. There is documentation about emigrants to the United States that shows their source is here too.
Meanwhile I have found the evidence that it is really the source our ancestors named Kreer came from.

Changes in the writing of the name happened constantly and the location an individual came from was used as family name. In addition the earlier origin could be anywhere else and (e.g. after the thirty year war) the respreading started here again. 

Map of Frequency

Within the area of ZIP code 55xxx are 48% of all registered people named Kreer and about 98% of them are located within an area of 25km (radius) around Kreershäuschen.

map of frequency

Places in Area 55: Kreershäuschen, Münchwald, Winterbach, Winterburg, Gebroth, Spabrücken, Argenthal, Nannhausen, Seibersbach, Stromberg, Roth, Guldental, Laubenheim, Weiler, Bingen, Roxheim, Bad Kreuznach, Waldböckelheim

People listed in phone directory
(Name Kreer correlated with similar names)

Kreer US:Kreer in the United States

Although the AOL directory seems not to be complete (I've found some Kreer, not listed in AOL) there are more Kreer in Germany. This indicates that the source of the name rather is in Germany, than in the United States.

People listed in AOL

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